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Contemporary Wedding Design

Throw together some multi-coloured lanterns, fairy lights and paper streamers for a contemporary design. There are about 60 lanterns in this picture, in 9 different colours.

To create a similar effect, choose your favourite colours and select 30 12" lanterns, mixed with 15-20 8" and 5-10 16".

Sunflower Yellows and Summer Sky Blues

This blend of Turquoise, Marine Blue, Yellow and Lemon Lanterns evokes images of Sunflowers and Summer Skies they proved a real contrast against the pure white silk of the marquee.

Combining 8", 12", 16", 20" and 24" Lanterns in large funky clusters using our Clear Hanging Wire they were able to create a unique design throughout the marquee. Cotton Bunting in shades of blue added the finishing touches that created a magical space. Photo courtesy of

A riot of colour!

Float pastel lanterns for a riot of colour at your wedding or party. To create this magical effect, hang 40-60 16" lanterns in 4 or 5 pastel colours, and light with our LED Lantern Lights. Suspend with our Plastic Clips & Hanging Wire to create a mass of colour!
Magical Marquee Decoration

Magical Marquee Decoration

Suspend our lanterns from your marquee liner with our Clear Hanging Clips and Hanging Wire to give the impression they are floating magically in mid air!

We used 12 x 24", 15 x 16" and 18 x 12" lanterns interspersed with 9 x 16" and 9 x 12" honeycombs in a mixture of White, Lemon and Robin Egg all hung with our Clear Hanging Clips and Clear Hanging Wire.

Bright Wedding Party

Two colours give a simple but stylish effect. 20-25 lemon and pure white lanterns, in a mix of 12, 16 and 20" are used for this design, strung in a marquee with twinkly fairy lights. Our clear hanging wire is near invisible in low light and gives the effect that the lanterns are floating. Suspend with our Paper Clips & Hanging Wire to hang from inside your marquee!

Spectacular in any venue!

Our lanterns look truly spectacular in any venue, for any event! Float around 20-30 12" lanterns in three coordinating colours from overhead beams to create a dazzling effect! Strings of LED lights add a magical feel as the lights go down! For higher or larger venues use 16" or 20" lanterns.

Brighten up even the darkest spaces!

A large, uninspiring venue can be turned into a glittering space with just 24 large lanterns! Pink, orange and red 20" lanterns hover at either end of the room, glowing gently.

Create a romantic glow by suspending your lanterns with near invisible clear hanging wire, and light each one with an individual LED Lantern Light.

Jaw dropping designs!

Cluster your lanterns together to create a real wow factor. Whether over dance floors, down the centre of marques, or over the centre table, a few lanterns can make an eye-catching statement. Select 40-60 16" lanterns in colours to suit your theme, then scatter 10-20 20" and 10-20 12" ones to construct this jaw dropping design!

Add a fairground feel!

Drape Carnival Bunting from the apex of your marque to give a fairground feel to your venue. Then add co-ordinating lanterns to complete the look. This large marque used 10 10m lengths of colourful bunting and 15 matching 12" lanterns for a bright, bold, but stylish look. Suspend with our Plastic Clips & Hanging Wire to hang from inside your marquee!