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Lanterns Sizes

Lanterns Sizes
Our Paper Hanging Lanterns are come in a variety of sizes. The measurements are given in inches and are taken across the diameter of the lantern at its widest point.

Our lanterns come in the following sizes:

8" Diameter
12" Diameter
16" Diameter
20" Diameter
24" Diameter
30" Diameter

The number of lanterns you need and the sizes you choose will depend on the look you are trying to create. Some customers like a classic feel to their decor and pick one or two colours in a single size. Others mix sizes to add variety and an individual feel to their design. We have a huge range of colours which will allow you to ensure that your decor is completely individual to you.

Please note that our 30" lanterns are EXTRA LARGE! They are perfect for big venues or high ceilings or when you are looking to make a real statement.