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Lantern Instructions and Safety Info

Lantern Instructions and Safety Info
All our lanterns come with full instructions and safety information.

Our lanterns have been tested and certified to comply with the BS EN 60598 safety directive. If you wish to see a copy of our certificate please contact us.

How to expand your Paper Hanging Lantern:

1. Expand the lantern being careful not to split the paper
2. Insert the expander through the top of the lantern
3. Gently press the expander and insert into the eyelets in top of lantern. Care must be taken not to damage the paper
4. If using a cord and light bulb place the cord though the middle of the lantern. The bulb must be positioned in the centre of the paper lantern (minimum 1.5" from the edge and 6.5" from ceiling). Do not allow the bulb to touch the paper lantern. When using a light bulb be careful to use the correct wattage for the size of shade (see table below).
5. If using LED lights (we have perfect Warm LED Lantern lights available) hang the LED through the centre of the lantern using the hook in the top.
6. DO NOT use with tea lights, candles or any naked flame.

Wattage Information when using a light bulb

8" Lantern - Maximum Wattage 40W
12" Lantern - Maximum Wattage 60W
16" Lantern - Maximum Wattage 60W
20" Lantern - Maximum Wattage 100W
Not applicable if using LED lights.