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Lantern Lights

Lantern Lights

Paper hanging lanterns look particularly magical when they are lit.

Our individual battery powered LED lights can be hung inside each lantern and are specially designed for the job! Each battery powered LED light comes on a short length of black cord to hang it inside the lantern from the ‘C’ shaped hook. Each LED light can be turned on/off and lasts 36+ hours creating the perfect glow.

Festoon lighting can also be used with hanging lanterns and provides a mains powered lighting solution. Many marquee companies or venues use festoon lighting and will be able to incorporate your lanterns into this system. The cable is simply woven through the ‘C’ shaped hook at the top of the lantern.

Battery Operated Fairy Lights or mains powered LED Fairy lights are also perfect. You can either use individual strings in each lantern or weave the lanterns onto longer lengths to create the desired effect. The battery powered versions usually have replaceable batteries which makes them more effective if you are reusing the lanterns.

Our hanging lanterns have been certified to comply with the BS EN 60598 safety directive and we recommend LED lights to use with our paper lanterns as they do not emit any heat.

If you are using paper hanging lanterns with mains powered light bulbs you MUST adhere to the following guidelines (a copy of which is enclosed with every single lantern):

8" lanterns: max wattage 40W
12" - 16" lanterns: max wattage 60W
20" lanterns: max wattage 100W

NEVER use tealights, candles or naked flames with paper or nylon lanterns.