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Lemon Yellow Paper Hanging Lantern

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{Overview}These Pale Lemon Lanterns look fantastic teamed up with our Shades of Lemon Bunting for a fabulous summery feel. They also look fantastic with Turquoise or Marine Blue.

All of our hanging lanterns come with their own wire expander, so they are ready to hang from a household hanging light fitting as a paper lampshade, or on their own with string or ribbon or our Transparent Hanging Wire.

The wire expander also has an internal hook that enables you to hang one of our battery light units inside your lantern if you should wish to illuminate it without using a mains powered cord kit.

{Details}Material: Paper
Size: 8" (20cm), 12" (30cm), 16" (40cm) or 20" (50cm)
Colour: Lemon / Yellow
Hang using string, wire or ribbon or attach to a light fitting for a paper lampshade.
Can be used indoors and out

Our lanterns have been tested and certified to comply with the BS EN 60598 safety directive. If you wish to see a copy of our certificate please contact us.
{Lighting}All lanterns can be used as lampshades and have a C hook which can be used to connect to a mains power cable.
Alternatively they can be lit with our Warm White LED Paper Lantern Lights to give them a subtle warm glow. Each LED light comes with a black cord which can be used to hang the light in the lantern. You can light some or all of the lanterns depending on the effect you would like to create. NEVER use tealights, candles or naked flames with paper lanterns.
{Hanging}Our transparent fishing line makes perfect Hanging Wire for our paper lanterns. Use it to make grids to hang the lanterns from or use it to hang them directly from marquee poles, or beams or ceiling joists, tree branches or fence posts! Alternatively you can use ribbon, string, cord or gardening wire depending on the effect you are trying to create.

Lanterns can be hung to cover the entire space or can be clustered together in groups or run down the centre of marquees. Take a look at our Lantern Gallery for ideas to decorate your venue.

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