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Hanging your lanterns

Hanging your lanterns

Your lanterns will arrive individually packaged and come flat. They have a separate wire frame. Simply expand the lantern and insert the wire frame to give it shape and rigidity. The wire frame has a ’C’ shaped hook at the top that enables you to hang the lantern from a marquee frame, wooden beam or ceiling. Alternatively, you can hang from trees, a garden parasole or from a string of fairy or festoon lights. You can even use it for a lamp shade!

Our Lanterns are light-weight and can be hung using a wide variety of string, wires or ribbons. If you want the lanterns to look like they are floating in the air above your dance floor or tables, we suggest you use our clear hanging wire. It creates a truly magical effect that will have your guests amazed at the floating decor! Alternatively, you can use a contrasting ribbon to create a romantic feel.

Using different sized lanterns helps create a fairytale feeling and hanging them at different heights adds to the overall effect.

Using Festoon Lights or Battery Operated Fairy Lights will finish the look and gives the Lanterns that magical glow!