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Where can I use my hanging lanterns?

Where can I use my hanging lanterns?
Our Paper Hanging Lanterns can be used to decorate just about any venue, room or space you want to liven up!

They can be hung from marquees, ceilings, trees, walls, parasoles, beams, posts, chairs, church pews ... you name it - your lantern can be hung from it! Click here for more information on how to hang your lanterns.

If you hang them from the ceiling they can be made to look like they float at different heights creating a magical effect that will be sure to wow your guests. Just use different lengths of clear wire or twine. If your venue is outside, our lanterns can be suspended from trees or garden parasoles, from fairy lights or hung in clusters from fences or down walls. The only limitation you have is your imagination!

For church weddings or baptisms they can be hung from the ends of pews, each individually lit to emmit a soft warm glow. We've also seen them hung from chair backs to create a unique decor for an outside ceremony. As our lanterns are made from paper they cannot be used outside in wet or damp conditions and if left up in dry weather will fade over time.

Take a look at our gallery to see various different ways you can use your lanterns. Don't forget... if you pack them away carefully at the end of your event you can use them time and time again!